"Manchester's only specialist high-end chocolate shop" Andrew Baker - From Bean to Bar, A Chocolate Lovers Guide to Britain

Take the stairs across from the Hilton staight to the top and along a bit or the stairs/lift opposite from Pinarello on Deansgate and head right. When open you can also access the Mews through the main centre, outside the Odeon Box Office.

Stock up on our own, entirely made on site, award-winning chocolate bars and a selection of the finest international craft chocolate in Manchester's only speciality chocolate shop.  Using our extensive knowledge and relationships with fellow makers we love to bring you a selection of our favourite bars. From month to month we mix up our guest bars so there's sometihng different every time you visit and have stocked a variety of interesting craft chocolate makers such as Conexion, J Cocoa, Monsoon, Tosier, Charm School, Neary Nogs, Bullion, Krak, Bare Bones, Mama Cacao, Marou, Fjak, Raaka and more!

You can pop in and see us at work, smell the cocoa roasting and the chocolate grinding.  You can also buy a notebook to track your tasting (33 Bars of Chocolate), a podmouse pin or a Taste with Colour map and we host Manchester Chocolate Club monthly (in "normal times", it's temporarily paused).